The goals for the MAE in Elementary Education Program are drawn from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The program goals are premised on the NBPTS CORE PROPOSITIONS.

I. Knowledge of Students
Accomplished teachers draw on their knowledge of child development and their relationships with students to understand their students’ abilities, interests, aspirations, and values.

II. Knowledge of Content and Curriculum
Accomplished teachers draw on their knowledge of subject matter and curriculum to make sound decisions about what is important for students to learn within and across the subject areas of the middle childhood curriculum.

III. Learning Environment
Accomplished teachers establish a caring, inclusive, stimulating, and safe school community where students can take intellectual risks, practice democracy, and work collaboratively and independently.

IV. Respect for Diversity
Accomplished teachers help students learn to respect and appreciate individual and group differences.

V. Instructional Resources
Accomplished teachers create, assess, select, and adapt a rich and varied collection of materials and draw on other resources such as staff, community members, and students to support learning.

VI. Meaningful Applications of Knowledge
Accomplished teachers engage students in learning within and across the disciplines and help students understand how the subjects they study can be used to explore important issues in their lives and the world around them.

VII. Multiple Paths to Knowledge
Accomplished teachers provide students with multiple paths needed to learn the central concepts in each school subject, explore important themes and topics that cut across subject areas, and build overall knowledge and understanding.

VIII. Assessment
Accomplished teachers understand the strengths and weaknesses of different assessment methods, base their instruction on ongoing assessment, and encourage students to monitor their own learning. 
IX. Family Involvement
Accomplished teachers initiate positive, interactive relationships with families as they participate in the education of their children.

X. Reflection
Accomplished teachers regularly analyze, evaluate, reflect on, and strengthen the effectiveness and quality of their practice.

XI. Contributions to the Profession
Accomplished teachers work with colleagues to improve schools and to advance knowledge and practice in their field.