All currently enrolled distance learners receive a brochure summarizing library services and a University ID card from the Division of Continuing Education and Special Programs.  Included in the brochure is the web address for the library’s distance learning web pages.  These web pages are important to distance learners because they provide specific information on how to register for library services, how to access library databases, and how to request books, articles, and help.  There are online forms located on the website for requesting books and articles.
Library Services for Distance Learners website at
Brochure that summarizes services to distance education students is located at
Online Book Request form at
Online Article Request form at
Your CatID can now be used for remote access into licensed library resources.  For more information about "What is my CatID?”, go to 
1. BOOKS owned by Rod Library – Library staff will locate, check out, and send IN-HOUSE books to the student’s home address.  Students can use UNISTAR to identify books owned by the Rod Library. Click on the “Books and More” tab on the library home page to search UNISTAR.
2. BOOKS not owned by Rod Library – The library doesn’t interlibrary loan books for distance learners.  This is because the loaned book has to be returned to the lending library and the book would be sent to four addresses before it gets back to the lending library.  We recommend that students use their local public library to interlibrary loan books not owned by Rod Library; thereby students receive the books quicker and have them for a longer amount of time.  There are reciprocal borrowing privileges among the three Iowa Regent Library systems – See website for more details.
3. ARTICLES owned by Rod Library - Library staff will locate, photocopy, scan, and e-mail most in-house journal/periodical articles (subject to fair use copyright restrictions).  The articles are sent to the requestor’s e-mail account.  There are 10 cents per page photocopy charges that will be applied to the student’s university bill (u-bill).
Students can search for articles in the many databases found under the “Articles” tab located on the home page.  They can use the “Advanced Search” or “Panther Prowler” links to search several databases at one time or students can click on the “View a list of databases A-Z” link to go into specific library databases.  Students should search individual databases when they need more power and precision in their searching.  Many library databases and resources contain online articles and students can access much information from their home computers.  When the complete article isn’t found in a database, click on the "FIND IT" button, the library’s linking system, to see if the complete article is available electronically in another library resource.
4. ARTICLES not owned by Rod Library – Library staff will attempt to obtain articles NOT owned by Rod Library through interlibrary loan (subject to fair use copyright restrictions) and will e-mail or send the articles to the requesting student.  Distance learners SHOULD submit their interlibrary loan requests through the library’s distance learning services, instead of through the on-campus interlibrary loan service, to ensure that all requested articles (in-house and interlibrary loan) are processed quickly.
5. REFERENCE help – Students can call the Rod Library or e-mail their questions and library staff will help them get started in their research.  There are also a number of electronic guides available on the library's website for distance learners.  Students can set up individual research consultation sessions with library staff.
For additional details about library services for distance learners, go to the library’s distance learning website located at
There is a Satisfaction Survey located under the “Online Forms” section on the Library Services for Distance Learners website.  The information and comments we receive will help us improve services.
  • Toll Free Telephone Number: 866-207-9410
  • Local Telephone Number: 319-273-2838
  • Skype ID: ellen.neuhaus
  • Set up a free Skype account at:
  • Meebo chat on Rod Library’s distance learning website